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Premium Features

  • The Manual The Manual
  • 12-Week Program 12-Week Program
  • 50% off the PDF E-Book
  • The Science: All facts are backed up with over 400 links to evidence-based research papers and articles.
  • More Recipes: Many, many restaurant-quality recipes, plus soups, sides, bars, and desserts.
  • Tips Everywhere: Inspirational quotes, did you know?, further readings and game-changing tips.
  • Glossary: A list of important definitions such as hyperpalatablity, IIFYM, bliss point, and more.
  • Bonus Calculators: Desired body weight calculator and strength standards calculator.
  • Diets: Comparing the SSF Diet with the pros and cons of Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, and other diets, and why cleanses/detoxes are toxic.
  • Answers: Answering "Will women get big and bulky from lifting?" (no!) and "Is it too late?" (no!) and many more questions.
  • Bonus SSF Programs: 3x Berg (outdoor/playground), 3x Vanguard (bodyweight), and 4x Adonis (bodyweight).
  • The Manual: Expand your knowledge beyond the basics:
    • Hormones, gut microbiota, genetics, body weight, and body fat.
    • The Law of Thermodynamics, cutting vs. bulking, and weight management.
    • What affects our health and how to assess health.
    • Obesity and body image, and how to regain perspective of ourselves.
    • Explaining stress, injuries, soreness, and sickness.
    • The importance of sleep and rest.
    • The facts about metabolism and body composition.
    • Simple anatomy and its functions.
    • Cholesterol, sodium, and allergies.
    • Macronutrients, all the good and bad, plus alcohol.
    • Detailed info on supplements.
    • Comprehensive list of foods in moderation, and foods to avoid.
    • Addictions and strategies on how to break bad habits.
    • Controlling hunger, satiety and appetite, and not letting it control you.
    • The power and benefits of intermittent fasting.
    • When to eat, plus cheat meals.
    • Expanding on portion sizes and calorie counting.
    • Nutrition timing and exercise, including for specialized athletes.
    • Form and technique guidelines, including injury prevention.
    • Finding out your maximum muscular potential.
    • Motivation tips and why discipline is superior.
    • Fitness-specific goals and sculpting your body to your desired physique.
    • Links to the best advanced training programs, along with other beginner and intermediate programs.
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