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Open Letter to Society

Beyond the simple message of “eat less, move more,” we’re undoubtedly in a complex environment never seen before in human history.

Society has changed significantly. Technology, industrialization, and medicine enabled us to eat more and move less, and yet, live longer. Evolutionarily speaking, we’re in a sweet spot. Paradoxically though, we’re becoming unhappier and unhealthier. We’re bombarded with contradicting messages and products with unrealistic health claims. We’re becoming more confused about what really works and what doesn’t. What we have today is clearly not working.

It is strange for me to provide you with evidence that supports the kind of foods we have evolved to live on. I am defending nature because as a society, we’ve become so ingrained in consuming things that nature did not engineer. Instead of balancing out our nutritional needs with a variety of whole foods and with cooking, we go to the extremes by purchasing processed, ready-made foods and trying out dangerous diets. As a result, we get extreme body types and unbalanced minds. We’ve traded the healthy norm for the unhealthy norm.

The environment has ingrained in us poor habits. We are turning the obesity epidemic into a subculture or lifestyle rooted in perpetual denial and warped perceptions. Including obesity in a “love your body as it is” narrative is dangerous to society since it embraces a unhealthy lifestyle that has negative consequences on a global scale. Loving your body means taking care of it with nutrients and exercise, not with sugar and sitting.

2.1 billion of the world population, or almost a third of everybody living today, is overweight or obese. Our emotional, physical, and mental health are being sacrificed for convenience and instant gratification. We’re becoming more disconnected with how our previous generations lived. Cooking is becoming a lost art. We’re not being mindful of what we’re eating. We’re designed to move, to run, to jump, to push, to pull, and we feel better when we do—yet we prefer the couch, which ultimately makes us feel worse. We’re so focused on body image while not realizing that our body is a reflection of how well we take care of it. Being healthy is achieved though proper exercise and nutrition.

Consider that a one hour workout three times a week is only 1.7% of our time. Exercise is the elixir of life, proven to boost our mind and body. Buying whole foods in bulk is cheaper than eating out, and much healthier. Preparing and cooking meals can be fun, efficient, and rewarding. The maxim “you are what you eat” contains truth. A lifestyle change can be slow and gradual. Understanding why we should take that next move is our first step.

Losing weight is as simple as eating less and moving more, and building muscle is as simple as lifting weights and eating more. However, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. My goal is to make it easy for you, and I ask for your self-initiative. This is the only way that this can work.

Do you want to learn how to become healthy and manage your health for the rest of your life?

Do you want exercise and diet to become an integral part of your lifestyle, rather than as a passing fad?

We have one life to live. Let’s make the best of it.


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